The triple hair washing technique is a solid treatment for dry hair. Know how it works.

Triple hair washing technique: Triple hair washing technique is very effective for dry and lifeless-hair. This technique removes the dirt in the root of the hair and gives healthy hair. Let’s know the triple hair washing technique for hair health.

To clean the face, we adopt double cleaning. This method is also quite popular. Similarly, triple hair washing technology is widely assumed to wash hair these days. Cleaning hair is indeed equivalent to a task. If the hair is double split end or there is dandruff on the scalp, then at the same time we have to take measures to keep hair and scalp healthy. If triple hair washing technology is adopted, it can be an excellent solution for those who avoid washing hair due to wear and fall.

What is the triple hair washing technique?

Self-care influencer Krishna Patel explains in an Insta Gram post, “Triple washing technique is the process of washing hair three times instead of just washing it once. It can all happen in one session. Often, shampoo is applied twice, and the hair is cleaned by foaming. In this, shampoo is cleaned, and the hair is washed with water. All three times, the foam is thoroughly washed with light hands with water.’

Know the benefits of triple hair washing for hair (triple hair washing technique benefits)

According to Krishna Patel, ‘If you like to apply a layer of oil, spray, styler, etc. on your hair, then triple washing is the best for you. The same applies to those using dry shampoo or those who take more time to wash their hair. Oils naturally accumulate on dirt, dead skin, and scalp. It is important to clean the buildup on the hair. Two-time cleaning makes removing hairspray, silicone residue, hair dye, or dry shampoo harder.

All hair types can benefit from washing three times—fragile and delicate hair. Thin hair is often more sensitive to oil and chemical buildup. If you have thin hair, more attention must be paid to the scalp. Using triple-wash technology for oily scalp can extend the life of the hair. ‘

How often should triple-wash be done (How many times triple hair washing technique)

Triple washing should be done daily or every other day. Could you do it when hair needs a little extra and deeper cleaning? Especially when a lot of styling products or dry shampoo are used on hair, then definitely adopt this technique. It also depends on how much oil the scalp makes naturally. The texture of the hair is also necessary for this. Thick and dry hair should be washed once per week or every other week. Lifestyle can also impact how often someone needs to wash their hair. If someone is very active and exercises-daily, they may need to wash their hair daily or every two days.”

What kind of shampoo to use (shampoo for triple hair washing technique)

Two different shampoos should be used while washing three times. One shampoo should provide a deeper cleansing, and the other should moisturize. A product that removes dead skin. If you have any dandruff problem that needs special attention, then shampoo should be used. This reduces the level of yeast on the skin, which is driven, swollen, itchy, and scaly. Rub the shampoo on the scalp like a skin treatment. The only potential downside of three washes is that if the wrong products are used, it can cause hair to deteriorate.


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