It is essential to stay healthy even after cardiac arrest. Learn from experts about recovery tips after the first heart attack.

When a person has the first attack, he starts living a life of great fear and even becomes frustrated.

A healthy and happy life is very important for any person, and good health plays the most crucial role in a healthy life. But in today’s busy and fast-paced life, we have stopped worrying about our health. Therefore, due to poor routine, a person is surrounded by many types of diseases nowadays.

The most problematic of these diseases is cardiovascular disease. Heart-related conditions are more dangerous because of expectations of a person’s death. Significantly, in the last few days, the number of heart attacks has also increased rapidly.

At the same time, when the person has the first attack, he starts living a life of great fear, even becoming frustrated. But if you have gone through a similar situation, you should live a life of caution and exhilaration instead of getting frustrated or upset. After a heart attack, people often have many questions, such as what changes they should make in their routine, what they should eat, and what they should avoid. To get answers to all these issues and address your problems, HealthShots contacted Dr. Manmohan Singh, Vice President, Nirvasa Healthcare, Gurugram.

How is today’s lifestyle responsible for heart attacks?

Regarding the causes of heart attacks nowadays, Dr. Manmohan Singh says that some inherent factors are responsible for these heart attacks. Some of these common causes include hereditary eating habits, high levels of stress, a laborless lifestyle, and bad habits of smoking and alcohol consumption.

Cardiometabolic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and high cholesterol levels are also considered responsible for increasing the risk of garbage accumulation in the arteries that carry blood to the heart. Due to the collection of waste in the street, the blood flow to the heart is interrupted, and the risk of heart attack increases.

How to stay safe after the first heart attack?

After the first experience of a heart attack, there is a lot of change in a person’s life. Talking about these changes and preventions, Dr. Manmohan said that if people who have had a cardiac arrest before ignore the factors responsible for adverse lifestyle conditions are more likely to have a second heart attack.

However, Dr. Manmohan says that the risk of a second heart attack can be avoided through cardiac treatment. In particular, by adopting some necessary changes, patients can reduce the-risk of a second heart attack by 50 percent and get a healthy heart.

These changes in routine help patients monitor their physical activity, maintain eating habits, and overcome the symptoms of lifestyle disorders such as hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes. It also helps patients quit smoking and drinking habits, and they can increase their heart capacity with the help of medicines.

How important is good food?

Dr. Manmohan explains that people who have had cardiac arrest in the past should be cautious about their eating habits. Our eating habits play-an essential role in our heart health, so we must pay attention to what we eat daily. Patients can start by considering their balanced diet with a favorable percentage of protein, carbohydrates, and fat, incredibly saturated and unsaturated fat.

According to Dr. Manmohan, patients should also take care of what kind and how much oil they use. The World Health Organization-recommends the consumption of fresh fruits and raw green vegetables to reduce the risk and effect of high blood pressure and to prevent dirt from accumulating in the heart tubes.

Patients can consult a nutritionist to follow their balanced diet and adopt healthy, heart-friendly eating habits. This will keep their heart healthy and strong.


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